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We acquire and grow digital consumer brands.

We are passionate about the world’s well-being, our focus is on consumer brands that promote an active lifestyle & sustainability

About Us
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What We've Accomplished

Why Work With Blix?

Blix was born from the collaboration of an e-commerce entrepreneurs team and the founding partner of Krooga, the number one Amazon sellers agency in France.

We have already worked with more than 200 international brands, implementing their advertising and pricing strategies, logistics and customer success processes. We know marketplaces algorithm. E-commerce is our playground.

Today, we are focusing on digital brands that are evolving in attractive markets and have outstanding prospects. We buy top performing sellers in order to help them transform their businesses into global and notorious brands.



Videos produced



A+ content created



Creation date



First year average sellers growth



Clients advised



Brand stores managed


Let's build a unique and trustful relationship to develop your brand and create value.

- Guillaume Rocheteau, co-founder at Blix
What We Do

Our Skills and Expertise

How Do We Operate?

Supply Chain

Our local team manages your inventory, optimizes your product costs and  freight invoices.

Marketing & Advertising

Our marketing team constantly updates your content (keywords, product description and listing) in order to boost your sales and your SEO. They also create, manage and optimize your advertising campaigns and your customers' reviews.

Multichannel & Geography

We develop your brand presence on all relevant channels in order to help you avoid any dependancy. Social media, offline retail and other emerging channels allow you to reach customers anywhere, anytime.

Photos and Videos

Our studio delivers premium photos and videos of your products to enhance the scalability of your business.

Technology & Data

We develop the best software tools to analyze the data of your industry and gather all the relevant information in order to achieve a winning strategy.


Our Process

A Fair, Fast And Reliable Process To Sell Your Business To Blix.

1. Let’s get to know each other

We have a first exchange to discuss your Amazon / e-commerce business strategy and how Blix can help you achieve your goals. If you are willing to pursue the conversation, we sign a non-disclosure agreement so we can take a closer look at your business.

2. Free valuation and Letter of Intent

We provide you with an estimation of your business valuation based on your numbers and the profitability of your operations. We are then able to address you a letter of intent presenting you the project, the purchase price, the payment terms, the timeline and the next steps.

3. Due diligence and legal documents

In this step, our team needs to understand all the details of your business (suppliers agreement, trademark registral) and audit your financial statements. Meanwhile, we elaborate the Purchase Agreement which details all the conditions of the deal.

4. Closing and transfer of funds

Once we have finalised the deal, you receive the cash in your account within a few days and you can celebrate your exit. The day your brand joins the Blix group, we start our development process so that you can maximise your profit and secure your growth.

Our Process
Our Team
Green Gradient
Guillaume Rocheteau

I am the founder of Krooga, an agency specialized in Amazon sellers. I managed and optimized the presence of more than 200 brands on the Amazon channel in Europe and the United States. I regularly speak at conferences on the topic and have built strong relationships with Amazon teams over the past 10 years. I am looking forward to helping you boost your sales and developing your store.

Thomas Dahan
Head Of Acquisitions

I’ve spent seven years in the Investment Banking division of Goldman Sachs. I have been involved in several M&A and financing transactions for investment funds and corporate clients in the retail, real estate, technology and industrial sectors. I'm looking forward to helping you along the sales process from the initial valuation of your business all the way to celebrating your successful exit.

Leo Sounigo
Head Of Growth

I am an e-commerce entrepreneur. Recently I have taken part in the growth of two brands for which I was in charge of managing customer support, logistics processes, and marketing operations. I grew them to a total revenue of >10 millions euros in one year. I am looking forward to knowing about your business trajectory, your vision and the industry you are in.

Elie-Joe Elmaleh
Head Of Brand Strategy

I am the founder of Angel Studio, a video and photo content factory. We have helped more than 100 ecommerce companies to reduce their customer acquisition's costs through video content. I am specialised in producing viral content. I’d love to learn about your product and how it stands out, in order to craft a meaningful story that would highlight the uniqueness of your brand.

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